RealTechNetwork - Press Release - 09-14-2004


 RealTechNetwork Successfully Upgrades To AdvertPro Advanced Ad Serving Software

CONGERS, NEW YORK, N.Y./EWORLDWIRE/Sep 14, 2004 --- RealTechNetwork ( would like to announce it has successfully converted previous ad software, database, and dedicated servers to the new ad serving software, AdvertPro Advanced Edition. The company believes this is the next logical move to help expand our growth. The new software will enable all approved publishers the ability to pull and generate their own ad serving code for their site at their leisure. In addition to that, the new ad serving software enables publishers to see the amount of money they are earning in real time. The new ad software also improves our geo-targeting capability for all campaigns that run within our system.

The RealTechNetwork has also booked a variety of new CPM campaigns. The following sizes are available for immediate integration within a publisher's website:

- 120X600
- 160X600
- 300X250
- 468X60
- 728X90
- 700X300
- Interstitials
- Pops
- Pop-Unders

RealTechNetwork is also pleased to announce that our referral program for all current publishers is now live. Each publisher that refers other publishers to the RealTechNetwork, they will earn 5% of their revenue. All you have to do is have all referrals place your user name in the referral field when they fill out the application form.

Finally, RealTechNetwork is in the process of launching two new sections within our network. Within the coming weeks, we will be launching a text based addition for all advertisers. We are also in the process of adding a CPA arm on the network with good commission payouts. We are in the process of accepting IO's from current advertisers as well as new advertisers.

About RealTechNetwork

RealTechNetwork is an online publisher network that represents over 100 web sites in a variety of different categories including technology, ecommerce, financial, marketing, and the arts. RealTechNetwork uses the latest technological methods and tools to target and deliver advertisements for the advertisers and publishers that use the company's services.

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